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43 thoughts on “15 AFFORDABLE CAMPERS and TRAVEL TRAILERS UNDER $20,000”

  1. Thank you for watching everyone! This video is for all of you who have been requesting more affordable lists.
    I hope you like our selection. Leave a comment and let us know your favorites! (p.s sorry about the late post)
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  2. Make up your mind.ย  Are they actually affordable, or are they merely priced under $20 K, which is not even close to being affordable for the majority of us ordinary folks?

  3. That modular plastic camper / cabin design has all sorts of possibilities. While it would be great for camping, it has lots of potential for temporary housing after natural disasters and even as shelter for the homeless. The greatest virtue, as I see it, is that the panels can be disassembled sanitized and stored between uses instead of taking up a lot of space and being left to decompose in the sun and weather. Since it can be moved in pieces, it would easy to palletize and transport anywhere it is needed without having to keep a camper licensed all of the time.

  4. How come they don't make truck bed campers a little longer in the rear and just leave the tail gate down? So you can have an extra 3 or 4 ft of living space which would be enough room for a nice wet bath…… If not being able to see the trucks brake lights is an issue, that's an easy fix by wiring up some trailer brake lights to the rear of the camper with a wiring harness to unplug them when you take the camper off the truck.

  5. Number 9 is clever. Trailer below to store…anything and everything…and tent on a platform above. People don't weigh very much and with all the gear stored down low Cof G isn't going to be a problem. Double the space on the same footprint.

  6. I know you're probably going to get a bunch of static from the folks who don't see their favorite unit on this list. Hopefully I'm not one of them. I think this list is a good start, and there's enough interesting designs out there for you folks to do a whole family of list's.

    One area that I've been looking at for a while are the rigid sides type pop up/ fold out compact trailer market. As anyone who've camped out in a tent in cold wet weather can attest, being up off the ground in something with real wall's and windows can be a marvelous thing, and it can greatly expand the camping season in more northern parts of the country. Many of the mfr's I've looked at seem to have models that at least start in the price range you've listed.

    Just food for thought. Cheers!!

  7. #14 : a small family delight! #15 Before you & your Sweetheart decide to "take it to the next level" I suggest a few days of camping in this! #4 & #5 Some American cities could use a few of these to house folks away from City Streets! #2 Casual Turtle Terrappin: Absolutely amazing product: I suggest they revisit their Purpose; re-organize their Mission Statement( perhaps advertise like crazy for stockholders/ potential customer orders and give this product a Come-back! *Reacher, I agree w/you! It's always nice when you can take your entire kitchen w/you camping out!

  8. Man Iโ€™m just a window woman, I gotta see out, and it helps remove that โ€˜coffinโ€™ feeling, but I also need them to open and be screened. So that last one that marvelously open teardrop rules! Thank you for posting quality yet less expensive options and listening to us viewers! I agree with the announcer/moderator(?) the all wood camper rocks and it is sad they dispersed. Love wood as well and it takes finesse to work with! BLESSINGS OF LOVE

  9. This reminds me of all of those years of sleeping in ground tents with some of the pegs missing, and having to dig a latrine. This is much more comfortable. And yes, much easier to hide from animals. I bet snakes could not sneak in and curl up with you to get warm.

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