18 Zero Waste Travel Essentials | Earth Day 2019

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  1. I try to spread the word because it’s sooo much better than Lush’s conditioner; Bar None. It’s also a bar conditioner but drastically more moisturizing, creamier, and all around better! It’s lasts longer too! I buy at Ulta but it’s online of course.

  2. I agree that it is completely overwhelming to use the term zero waste and for me to attempt to be a zero-waste er!!! I guess I'm going to strive to be a low-waste person. For years I've recycled as much as I can, been using reusable bottles, and have bought loads of reusable grocery bags. All of these I have been doing for years and years. However I have to get a lot better at remembering my reusable bags in the trunk of the car and remembering to bring them into non grocery stores when I shop at those.

    Last year I switch to Bamboo to brushes! I stopped buying any kind of plastic food storage containers. I have bought several pretty ceramic bowls that come with plastic tops with vents for the microwave because I also swap them for usable decor, and in the future will probably buy a few glass food storage containers. I also bought wool dryer balls to replace the nuby plastic dryer balls I've been using for years since I stopped using dryer sheets.

    And soon I will be purchasing some reusable straws in stainless steel, silicone, and a few pretty glass ones. These are for when I eat out in a restaurant or grab something at a drive-thru. I don't use straws at home that often except for the straws that come in my reusable decorative plastic cups I bought years ago. Now I use double wall metal reusable bottles. I am also going to purchase cloth napkins to use at home and to have one in the car and one in my purse along with a set of silverware from home for when I am out and about.

  3. I 100% recommend the bar conditioner from Ethique! I use ‘the guardian’ (the green one) and it lasts for up to six months, I took it on my 5 month trip last year and it lasted the whole time! I’m now into my second bar 🙂 you can get it on amazon!

  4. I love working towards being gentle on the world. But please remember that many people need straws/other plastic waste things. I'd love to see a video on how the health industry is wasteful and how to do better. Also; jars can be recycled~ don't have to buy mason jars new.

  5. I'd love to be 0 waste but as a child I can't do much to get my parents to go 0 or even just low waste. I try to do my best. I only ask for new clothes when we are at the thrift store, I try to reuse the shopping bags and all that but I only know how to cook packaged foods, and I am often accidentally wasteful (like leaving my paints out so they dry). I wish I could do more.

  6. This is a great video and awesome ideas! I was so shocked with all the plastic bags after I moved houses that I got a bunch of reusable ones and haven't gone back. I took a couple in my recent trip and even people in the stores were surprised I used them, but happy to put my shopping in my bag. I also got bamboo straws but I must remember to put them in my bag…I forget them often. I'd love to get reusable pads but I've found no company that ships to my country.

  7. I've been trying to stop getting lunch at the school cafeteria that come in plastic packagings and cooking myself something to eat instead. Though I don't always have the time to do it, it feels so good. Also I'm always carrying a fork and a spoon in my bag so I don't have to use plastic cutlery. Trying to avoid the car as much as possible by walking/bicycling/using the bus. Reducing waste is honestly quite hard because even though I'm thinking about it all the time, there's just so many "throwable" things everywhere and we can't really avoid them…

  8. Be careful with Lush, they use a lot of toxic chemical product, that's not good for you health or for the environment. This brand (that I liked a lot back in time) is using a lot of greenwashing.

  9. Inspired by many others at the forefront of minimizing waste, I adopted a personal plan to challenge myself four years ago to put into practice one new Eco change each month and stick to it forever. So far, the changes I've embraced have helped reduce our waste tremendously as well as more simply. For past two years, Grove Collaborative has helped by offering products which are eco friendly and are also great products. Just purchased a special makeup removal cloth which only requires addition of water. Now I can remove pre moistened makeup removal disposable trash. They also sell Preserve food containers made from recycled plastics. I've been using Preserve Toothbrushes for nearly 10! Yrs. Trader Joes sell Preserve toothbrushes which come in a sleeve which is actually a postpaid mailer for recycling you toothbrush when finished.

  10. Or maybe just don't use straws – there are v few people who actually NEED them & half of the other crap you mentioned (& many of the things you showed grow bacteria like e-coli). How about instead, in life try to use only what you NEED & live responsibly?

  11. Hey so I was using the Lush shampoo and conditioner combo that you’re using but after a few months I found that it was actually very drying overall… now it’s entirely possible that was just my hair but if that does end up being the case for you, I just wanted to tell you that I found the JRR Liggett coconut agran shampoo bar to be a touch better! 🙂

  12. I still trying harder to 0 waste but i started off not taking plastic bag for any shopping, recycle bag inside my bag always, less plastic straws and last is use recycle bag for bubbletea or any drinks!

  13. I do so much to recycle and not create so much waste but get frustrated when others don’t care with how they toss crazy stuff in the Recyle cans. If only people would be more aware of being more conscious in making the world more resourceful. Thank you!

  14. Great video! What I loved most while traveling is my water bag (also available as bottle) with an integrated water filter (filters 1000l before you have to replace it). I was able to drink the tap water all over India.

  15. Thank you so much to share this video. I'm in less waste since some time and it makes me sad that often people don't care about future. I hope that your video will inspire some people to change their life, even with small things!

  16. Great timing! We are planning what to pack for long term travel and we try to choose zero waste options when available. We are packing most of these. I don't quite understand the mason jar, which a lot of zero wasters recommend. It's heavy and fragile, and we are already concerned about keeping the weight down. We will bring a stainless steel insulated tumbler, which I think could serve the same purposes. I'm bringing Lunapads organic cotton period underwear with changeable inserts.

  17. Nice video, but just to let you know these tooth brush are not eco friendly when its time to recycle them. Most of the time they don’t get recycled properly because you are suppose to take the pieces apart.

  18. Whenever I go to a sporting event or at work instead of buying multiple bottles of drinks I just buy one bottle of water and keep filling it up at a water fountain if I need a refill

  19. My first changes were to start using a bamboo toothbrush and to refuse extra freebies (plastic toothbrush, mini floss in plastic, etc.) from the dentist. I also switched to a metal safety razor and stopped buying shaving cream/gel. Now I use soap or conditioner or whatever is on hand.

  20. Something that should be pointed out. Plastic straws are incredibly important to individuals with disabilities. There's a ton of info online explaining why the alternatives don't work. However, if you're able to use anything other than plastic, than you totally should. 😀
    I started carrying a travel coffee mug, metal water bottle, a couple of grocery bags, reusable produce bags and cutlery in my backpack everyday. My bag is getting heavy lol

  21. Once I put my nose to the grindstone to consciously recycle, it was eye-opening. I fill a full-size trash can of my recycling materials and my weekly trash is 1/3 to 1/2 of a bathroom-size trashcan. I pack my Lexan camp silverware (which you can have on a plane), chopsticks, a steel straw and a cleaning brush, and I roll it in a dishtowel that I use as a placemat, along with 2 microfiber washcloths to use as napkins along with my bento. I also have stainless steel water bottles, a Britta bottle and pitcher, a Bobble, and because I'm going to Cuba in 4 weeks I have invested in an Eco Vessel which removes 99.9% of parasites. I also fix tea in my full-size stainless steel thermos so I'm only using the energy once even though I drink tea all day long.

    I use a vacuum sealer with my mason jars and they work SO WELL, [scary confession] that I was cleaning out my fridge last week and found a pint jar in the back on the bottom that had been overlooked with cottage cheese in it… if I handed it to you you'd think that I just put it in the jar yesterday…but I bought it 8 months ago and there is literally nothing wrong with it. No, I didn't eat it because I know when I bought it, but still, a Food Saver with the mason jar attachments is definitely the way to go.

    Cloth pads, menstrual cup, towels instead of paper towels, and I use one color of washcloth as napkins, and then I have white ones to use instead of toilet paper. I make my own laundry detergent… In fact, I was planning a blog piece on this exact thing for later this week.

    Am I one of those crazy-prepper, homesteading, off the grid people? No. I'm on disability and am in a constant cycle of having too much month left at the end of my money. I save hundreds of dollars by investing in these items once and using them virtually forever.

    Congratulations on your new baby. I can't wait to see how your videos morph over time when you start traveling with her! I've gotten some really great info out of your videos, thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us, it is very appreciated. {{{hugs from the lower 48}}}

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