20 Little-Known Tips to Travel By Plane Easier

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50 thoughts on “20 Little-Known Tips to Travel By Plane Easier”

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  3. I completely disagree with your opinion on 2 wheels and 4 wheels suitcases. We have a 4 wheels- and a 2 wheels suitcase and I prefer the 2 wheels a 100 times over the 4 wheels, the way you have to move the 4 wheels is just not natural. The movement with a 2 wheels suitcase feels and is more natural. Yes, you have to hold them with your arm.. but were not 5 years old right? its only max 25 KG if you lift it in the air…. but its carried by wheels and an extra arm, so you barely feel any KGs.. The 4 wheels really cost me a lot more energy to maneuver around, so that's wasted energy…

  4. when i was eleven i had to navigate the airport all by myself with only the help of my grandma on a phone that went in and out during the worst possible time and a poor flight attendent lady who hated her job

    Check your flight status 0:24
    Check the parking situation 0:52
    Check-in online 1:18
    Arrive early 1:40
    Don’t overpack 2:01
    Use a 4-wheeled bag 2:26
    Learn the airport layout 2:53
    Dress for the occasion 3:20
    Have your papers ready 3:55
    Remember the 3-1-1 Rule 4:23
    Get ready for the screening 4:58
    Join TSA PreCheck or a similar security service 5:30
    Don’t argue with the security officers 5:58
    Don’t joke with the security agents 6:32
    Pick your flight wisely 6:50
    Wrap gifts only at your destination 7:16
    Don’t slack on transfers 7:32
    Become a member of a Frequent Flyer Program 8:05
    Use special apps on your phone 8:24
    Stay calm and focused 8:47

  6. Get to the airport early for international flights especially. That way, if you realise that you left your handbag with your passports and tickets in it at home then whoever took you to the airport has enough time to literally speed home and get the forgotten documents and get you in two minutes before check-in closes and still with enough time for duty free shopping!
    True story…

  7. I always wear a pure plastic belt. This is plastic webbing and buckle. Explain and show security that it is pure plastic, and will not set off alarms. Or just cover it with a shirt or jumper. One can possibly buy one Plastic webbing and buckles at a local boat yard, if close enough . I even bought a car luggage tie down strap, plastic and adjusted the length to suit my size, and melt the webbing ends with a lighter or small flame briefly . It will save one's trousers falling towards one's ankles.

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