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  1. Great video, very helpful. I already have two debit cards, which I will keep in separate wallets. I have no debt, I have savings. I am off in September with a one way ticket to Sicily, I should be starting with Workaway.

  2. I'll be leaving to study abroad in the uk for about a year. And was looking up birth control in the uk, turns out..pretty expensive haha. I'm actually more comfortable using the ones i'm already on (yaz) because i know my body works well with it. I'm not sure if uk would have the brand i'm currently on but..

    my plan was to buy yaz in bulk, enough to sustain me for the year. would i need a prescription for it for when i go through customs? i wouldn't want an incident where im going through security and would have to display my entire stash of contraception haha.

  3. Thinking about the contraception aspect – I’m on the injection so I get an injection at the doctors every three months. I’m planning on going to Aus for a year, has anyone done this on the injection and how did you manage the contraception? I’m wondering if I can get the injection in Australia and if I’d have to pay for it?

  4. Some people the up and go traveling. No worries they figure things out as they go. Some like me, have to come, see all these advice and think its too difficult, lets travel local 🙂

  5. Dont need a doctors note for medication if going anywhere in majority of continent of africa and asia because as soon as immigration say's noway, you show em that green $o$a then they say yesssway yessir

  6. Hi, maybe a it of a weird question. Spending a year in Australia next year, just wondering what to with money that I'm taking. Keep it in an English bank account then swap it over when I've opened an oz one or take cash? Cheers

  7. don't know if that kinda stuff is possible in other countries but I gave my mum written permissions to deal with everything that could possibly need attending(insurance, bank, bureaucracy…), so she could deal with that back in Germany while I'm enjoying my stay in Korea~

  8. I love your videos!!!! i feel like i would love to hang out with you! anyhow Can i send you a free travel card that saves you money as you travel??? I can send in in the mail or electronically – i just need to know where to send it- thanx

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