2019 Flat Earth International Conference Dallas Texas November 14-15 ✅

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8 thoughts on “2019 Flat Earth International Conference Dallas Texas November 14-15 ✅”

  1. NICE. Per usual , I will be there in spirit with all my favorite folks. Hey wait? Is DITRH going to be there? I continue to love all of you and I remain a flat earther. Thanks Mark, you woke me up and saved me from the spherical earth theory/lie back in early 2015. Xoxoxox

  2. If Dallas is even HALF the blast that the Denver conf was, this is going to be epic! What an amazing lineup of presenters this year, and the people that roll at these conferences are incredibly fun and the most legit I've ever met. We get so used to living around the walking dead (you know that fluoride glaze over far away eyes?) and it's awesome when you're suddenly with a thousand people that are just buzzing with life! Get your sleep in advance because it doesn't happen here and the conf goes by quick. Nice video Mark, even though the ballers will use your dancing astroNOT as proof that we went to the moon and then green screened all those other earth dancers in there.

  3. get a life Mark.. but you clearly are in humungous need of attention even if it's for being linked to the frankly stupid idea of a concealed flat planet..

    Unless you don't actually believe in anything you say and just like the attention… wonder if you actually have the base courage to respond..

  4. @taxfreedollars Dont go then, we cant get through to everyone and you are welcome to your beliefs… Some of us have an open mind and follow the evidence, I had a blast at the first flat earth Canada conference, and met sincere genuine people who were not afraid to ask questions… we tell our kids there is no stupid questions, so why is having a few tough questions stupid now? I think that if you are curious then check it out, but please do it with an open mind, you will probably learn a few things and have a great time in the process. Long live flat earth!!! (mark sargent 😉 you da man…. oh and the bob and jeran thing were taken out of context….follow up and see, we have nothing to hide, the experiment did not go well in front of live cameras but if you saw the stuff left on the cutting room floor you might understand. also if they proved curve or spin then they are the first scientist in history, so in 519 years we cant test Copernicus's theory??? thats not science mate…. scientists or citizen scientists have the same parameters….observable, recordable and repeatable…. where are your scientists proof of a ball, all they seem to have is ad hominem attacks…. pretty transparent

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