21 Common Property Investment Strategies In Australia (Ep236)

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10 thoughts on “21 Common Property Investment Strategies In Australia (Ep236)”

  1. #On Property Hey Joe,
    Sorry but I don't personally have one. For people looking for one on one help I always recommend them to my good friend and buyer's agent Ben Everingham.
    Check out http://onproperty.com.au/session and you can book a free strategy session with him.

    I like recommending Ben because the way he researches properties and approaches investing is very similar to me, people are paying for an outcome (a property purchased…not airy fairy stuff) and I trust that he does the right thing by people.

    It's also good to know I do get a referral fee if you let him know you came from On Property, I always like to be 100% transparent about that. @Asanka Watareka

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