24 hours in Hannover | Travel Vlog

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16 thoughts on “24 hours in Hannover | Travel Vlog”

  1. I am going to visit Hannover because of i visit my friends in Lübeck but
    i have to take cheap flight from Hannover Airport lol so i am going to
    travel that city 🙂
    I text my instagram maybe we can drink a beer or just a coffee
    instagram : /yasardeveci take a contact i dont want to travel alone


  2. I've lived in bigger cities like Dortmund and Stuttgart and few weeks in Munich. Living in Hannover since 2013 and I absolutely love this city. It may be smaller but it has everything which can be cover in few hours on feet and it is really beautiful than other cities. And it is not expensive city, it ranks 3rd least stressful city in the world, people are nice.. What else i need more? 🙂

  3. I love how other countries have such variance i ways to get around. I don't even have Uber in my city!! It's pretty crazy when my first Uber experience is on a Caribbean Island, and yet I can't get one in a Canadian city, lol. Great vlog! I also have a travel channel if you're interested in checking it out!

  4. Germany is a gorgeous country, just flew back to britain two days ago after being in dussldorf. Ive just uploaded my germany trip vlog, very similar to yours 🙂 just subscribed too!

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