3 Bedroom VIP Mirage Villas Las Vegas

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18 thoughts on “3 Bedroom VIP Mirage Villas Las Vegas”

  1. When you go outside to the patio and pool….and that music starts, is that your music or someone else's music? If that was the music from the hotel, it'd make me want to kill myself after booking that villa.

  2. Stayed in this villa myself, a guest of my brother and his wife. Unbelievable experience! Beautiful, wonderful and nothing I will probably experience again. Loved every second!

  3. Damn, I thought the room I stayed in the other day was beautiful. Nothing compared to this. I only paid 50$ per night for a 400$ room. This is crazy expensive. I don't know if I would pay that much per night. Maybe $1,200 I would pay, but it would have to be just that, nothing more. Lol. I don't see the point as much because everytime I'm in Vegas I'm in the room for maybe 6 hours a day for sleep and maybe another 1-2 to get ready or just trying to stay in there to enjoy the nice rooms I get. But its hard because Vegas is so beautiful I just want to walk around and see everything and gamble.

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