30 Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan Travel Guide

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26 thoughts on “30 Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan Travel Guide”

  1. This is very nice and detail video. I very enjoy it! I also want to know how long you guys stayed in Taipei? How many days? and around how much spent like in America? Because I am trying to bring my two kids to visit Taipei this summer, I want to plan before I go. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. hey guys. loved the video. how many days was this trip? i am visiting taipei while doing my usual travel to korea. i am debating between 5 or 6 days in taipei.

    with your order of sites on your list, were these sites close together in order of sequence in the video? or would you plan things differently having experienced the area now?

  3. Hi guys! I'm cha, a start up travel vlogger from Philippines! I just wanna leave a comment to say thank you for this! I'm travelling to taipei this april and this vlog really helps ☺

  4. The typical low / mid class western couple living in 1950. It’s a shame that you travail while not open to new features

    Putain des enculés va rentrer dans ton pays

  5. Hey:) im Michael, a travel addict from germany. I discovered East and south east asia (Korea, Japan, Thailand…) and now I looked for an interesting place that is not flooded with western tourist such as Thailand and is worth to visit. So Taiwan came into my mind but I wasn't sure if its worth it to travel there but this video convinced me that my decision to go to Taiwan was a good one. Now I'm looking forward to see Taipeh in the beginning of February 🙂

  6. Just travelled to Taiwan and stayed 9 days there, the people there were very polite and nice. I got help from super kind 7-11 staff for booking discounted express tickets. Young kids proactively helped me to get my toasts that were stuck in a strange toast machine. My wife and I were always advised not to order too many to finish in restaurants. Frankly speaking, the eco-centric city layout and amount of city green lung in their cities are also very impressive. Certainly will visit Taiwan again!

  7. there's beef noodle competition in Taiwan… you should have pick one that earn the title… the beef noodles you are eating does not look super delicious….

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