#304: Ham Radio: My QRP setup on vacation at the beach house on Long Beach Is. NJ.

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36 thoughts on “#304: Ham Radio: My QRP setup on vacation at the beach house on Long Beach Is. NJ.”

  1. This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

    Uh… I am also a HAM, and I am watching a HAM with a house or houseboat, with shore power, operating a 10-watt shortwave radio on a battery.

    I am unimpressed. If this setup pleases you, I am happy. But I would not operate this way, under these conditions. I would pull out (in your case) my IC-706, and run it on a power supply, using a terminated-folded dipole, which would need no antenna tuner, and go about my business.

    But that is just me…

  2. Interesting set up. I wonder how well it is working? I should imagine you will get some interesting results being next to the water. The reception alone can be eye opening. Thanks . Lee M1DEN

  3. Hi Allan love your vids mate you are so cool…. its said that the QRP record is over 1600 miles on 1 micro watt on 10m I really find this had to believe… is this really possible and what is your personal record… Thanks

  4. Long Island still a little too populated for my tastes. I'm on vacation right now at Lake Sunapee in New London, New Hampshire. The loons are singing and the waters are clear. Also cool weather, although the skies here are crystal clear. Enjoy your time off, I certainly am.

  5. I have a bunch of those surplus poles myself. My Army Ranger buddy, [retired] told me they were called a "Pop and Flop" A what I said, yea you Pop up the poles and cover with camouflage netting, then you Flop down and take a Nap.!!! W4GSM

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