36 Hours in San Diego | Best Locals Travel Guide

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34 thoughts on “36 Hours in San Diego | Best Locals Travel Guide”

  1. What I enjoy about your video(s) are that thet makes me, as a videographer want to get out & explore the treasures of my city more… meet more people, experience local places I would not have chosen to go to & create travel content…

  2. I live in east county San Diego, if you head out even further east you can hit up some locally loved mountain towns like Pine Valley, Julian, and a lake called Lake Cuyamaca. Julian is a personal favorite and is a great place to go apple picking in the fall!! ๐ŸŽƒ

  3. Haven't been to San Diego yet, i've been up in LA a few times and San Francisco area as well but just haven't made a trip down to SD. Thanks for the restaurant suggestions! Will mark them on our map for when we visit. Gig probably wants to go to Queenstown first though she saw some photos from my hike up the tiki trail and that may be above SD on our list of places to go. So is a weekend plenty to see SD?

  4. While I always like to see my hometown featured by travel vloggers, nothing beats a quality look at it through the lens of locals themselves and the best in the business. You both did the city right from Leucadia to Sunset Cliffs, Queenstown Public House, walking the Spruce Street Bridge, Balboa Park (North and South Park are epic!), Belmont Park (the MB/OB/PB trio), and Coronado. There was never a doubt you'd give us a great view of America's Finest City.
    Favorites of mine?! Any of the local independent craft breweries (esp Societe, Burning Beard, Fall and Deft), an Old Fashioned at Seven Grand, burgers at Balboa Pub & Grille, a gut-busting tour of the amazing restaurants in Kearny Mesa, hiking in Alpine, star-gazing in Mt Laguna, or catching a show at the La Jolla Playhouse.

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  6. Nice job fellas! Leucadia was the perfect spot to stay… i love the new modern times there and leucadia pizza is always a go-to. We plan on filming a video there soon as well! Love seeing u go back to our hometown. SD represent!

  7. I went on a whale watching cruise on Hornblower the first time I went there. We went about seven miles out, we could see Tijuana to our East and Point Loma to the west. We saw six grey whales, two heading south and four heading north. To see whales in the wild is a beautiful thing, a truly awesome experience.

  8. Local girl here! Born, raised and still living in San Diego. Alex and Marco, you did an amazing job spot lighting our home town. You need to do a part 2 someday. Old Town,OB and for view Mt. Soledad.

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