4.7 Traveling Salesperson Problem – Dynamic Programming

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36 thoughts on “4.7 Traveling Salesperson Problem – Dynamic Programming”

  1. Hi Mr. Abdul. First of all I want to thank you for your videos because they are very straight forward and easy to understand. I have a small doubt. In this kind of optimization problem, how is DP helping to reduce computations ? I mean we are calculating costs starting from bottom leaf nodes and calculating cost for all paths. In a real world scenario using Google Maps this will lead to a large number of calculations and we are not using anything to avoid certain path calculations to save computation cycles.

  2. Sir u r teaching very useful for me tq so much and this TSP it has 1 small mistake g(2,{3} )=15 but g(2,{4})=18, g(3,{2})=18and so on… But u just consider only 1vetex only that is mistake

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