5 Best Backpack In 2019 – Smart, Travel, Laptop, anti-theft

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5 thoughts on “5 Best Backpack In 2019 – Smart, Travel, Laptop, anti-theft”

  1. I don't know what other people need. But I need a backpack that will carry 30lbs. without the straps breaking. With maybe two extra backup (always used on the backpack) straps. Since the computer is valuable. It needs to carry a 17.3 in. computer. It needs to have a height of no more then 22 in. (both my packs are 24 in. which is larger then the 1st airline I checked allows). The wheels shouldn't disintegrate after 2 or 3 miles. Or at least they should be easily replaceable. It should be waterproof. (Doesn't have to be Pelican waterproof.)

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