5 Earl Thomas Trades The Dallas Cowboys Could Offer

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24 thoughts on “5 Earl Thomas Trades The Dallas Cowboys Could Offer”

  1. Any team that tries to trade for Earl has a ton of leverage over Seattle. Seattle doesn’t wanna pay him what he wants, he will end up sitting out the season in Seattle. They have 0 leverage anymore

  2. Considering how our last 10 round 2 picks have gone i would give up a second round for earl thomas he is going to be better then anyone we draft in that round for the next 3 years we need to swing for the fences while our qb is on his rookie deal

  3. I would probably do David Irving and a 3rd round pick. He's good and the Seahawks need a defensive end, Xavier Woods will turn into a top Safety under Kris Richard. Jeff Heath will always be a solid backup if injury happens. Kavon Frazier is also a solid Safety and a stud on Special Teams.

  4. I think Dallas could use him but I wouldn't sacrifice at all. The only player I would give up is Heath and a draft pick. Heath is fast but a terrible cover and tackler

  5. I say no to all. A fs soonto be 30 reminds me too much of the ken hamlin debacle. The cowboys don't need him with the much improved DL and LB positions and the high upside DBs. Also saving the cap room to do some early extensions.

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