5 Haunting Unsolved Hotel Mysteries

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41 thoughts on “5 Haunting Unsolved Hotel Mysteries”

  1. $31,000 computer system, bring it to a stranger in a motel room. I just don't know what to say. No one ever thinks these things will happen to them.

  2. How stupid to load the supposedly valuable computer into the car of a guy you don't know before getting the loot? Just as dumb: Driving 5 hours to deliver it.

  3. Okay so it sounds like the second dude was into some really freaky shit and had him a freaky woman who would torture him and they’d do weird shit. I’m assuming it wasn’t supposed to be as severe and that’s why he claimed he feel against the tub because he knew the woman didn’t mean to harm him so seriously and didn’t want her charges. Who knows some weird people man

  4. I wonder how badly beaten the first man was who lost his wife cause people do crazy things. Maybe he orchestrated a hit and collaborated with the dude with the hammer so that it would look like he tried to murder them both when really the other dude was taking the hit to look inconspicuous. Idk who knows.

  5. The bartender did it. He works there and knows tricks. Probably even stole the room key to get in. Hence lack of force entry. Taking off the next day without at least picking up his check???? Hmmmmnnnmm……something to think about. He even abandoned his car. CSI back in the day sucked.

  6. Dam this is better than any mystery book or horror movie!! How creepy and yet interesting to have so much mystery. Sadly people died, but the thought of people actually getting away with murder and probably living next door to any of us makes you wonder, do we really know who people really are?

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