$5 MILLION DOLLAR MANSION ESTATE SALE – Flanders Hotel Owners Sell Everything!

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23 thoughts on “$5 MILLION DOLLAR MANSION ESTATE SALE – Flanders Hotel Owners Sell Everything!”

  1. The scarf may b worth alot of money thats why u have to get your phone out and look stuff up u never know what things are worth and people that are selling the stuff might be lazy and mark 500.00 item for 2 bucks do your research it pays off big time

  2. I went to an estate sale like this years ago and bought an antique sewing rocking chair for 3.00 the arm piece was missing and i thought i could make one 5 min later they wer selling a big rug and unrolled it and ther was the arm piece that was missing so i grab it put it on the chair and a lady immediately came up to me and offered me 1.000 and i said no i was amazed she offered that much and thought it could b worth more soon after that she came and offered me 1500.00 and i took it to this day i wonder how much it was worth u never know what u can find at estate sales

  3. I am a believer in the supernatural, but never encountered anything in the Flanders. I stayed there several times during the 70’s,80’s, and 90’s. Have a Happy Easter🐣🐇💐

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