5 Most CHILLING Events That Occurred In Hotels…

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27 thoughts on “5 Most CHILLING Events That Occurred In Hotels…”

  1. 1:44 – Seeing a dead body doesn't affect the mental sanity. I discovered my grandmother a few years back and I'm fine.
    Can still picture her face expression though. It was like taken out of a horror movie. Not the last thing you want to remember of a loved family member.

  2. Abdulaziz, was the name of the man who was killed by the Saudi Prince. It’s a sad story, one that I just finished researching. Pretty horrible what money and power will get you, although, in this case justice was served.

  3. Yeah, I'm rather surprised no Elisa Lam and also the very noteworthy case of Roland T. Owen who died mysteriously under a fake name years ago. But I have to admit, these cases you did show were interesting, some I've never heard of.

  4. We lost someone almost 8 years ago to suicide. I think this is one of the most selfish acts a person can do. Not only because of what happened in the first video here but because it leaves behind utter devastation and forever changes the lives of those left behind. Especially for the parents and the children. If you are feeling like this is your only out, it isn't. Please think of your loved ones before doing this!

  5. Two years ago i was in a touristic place in Tunisia full of hotels, i found a guy i knew in the street and he told me he was staying at the same hotel as me and that he came that day with his mother. We chatted for a bit then he invited me to come to his room later that night to smoke some weed, i accepted and 2 hours later decided to go. When i entered the bloc where his room was , it was dark and i couldn,t find the light switch so i just said fuck it and started to walk up the stairs towards his room ( there was no elevator ) but then i heard something i"ll never forget my entire life , a womans voice whispering and echoing "Hamouuuuuudaaaaa" ,which is a nickname my mother used to call me and only my family knew about (Hamouda). I thought i was hallucinating and kept on walking but the voice got stronger and repeated "Haaaaaaaamouuuuuuuuuudaaaaaaaaa" i shitted myself in fear and literally jumped all the stairs and went of running. Half an hour later i calmed down and thought it was maybe my friend pranking me and i was wondering how he knew that nickname , so i went back and found the lights on this time . I went up to his room and his mother opened the door so i asked her if her son is here and she told me that he didn't come back yet and he is still out. I freaked out and couldn't sleep for a week . I have a phobia from dark now

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