5 Mysterious Objects That Could Prove Time Travel Exists

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42 thoughts on “5 Mysterious Objects That Could Prove Time Travel Exists”

  1. You should read graham hancocks books. There’s debate that carved images were result of taking ayahuasca. He also said a possible event like meteor hit earth 12-13 years ago and it took 1000-1500 years to clear resulting in earth going into ice age and wiping out a advanced civilizations. It’s now been proven in Greenland asteroids it earth. and mixed DNA showing possibly civilizations sought out hunter gatherers to survive. His books are amazing

  2. Turned it off after the first one was complete bullshit, and the second one science has definitely explained. Assume the others will be complete bullshit as well.

  3. Sorry to rain on your parade but the "laptop" is most likely a writing tablet. A wooden frame is filled with a soft, but resistant, material like clay or beeswax and then you write with a stylus (the stylus is probably placed in the holes) on it. When you fold it together (like a laptop) the text is protected by the wooden frame.
    They have actually found tablets like these and with them found out how words in dead languages were pronounced – by the spelling mistakes made on the tablet.
    As an example if you in the future would find an old school spelling book from the 70ties with the word "njumatic" (and not "pneumatic") you could understand how the word was pronounced.

  4. For me, modern or relatvelly recent pieces of technology encased in deep geological layers are sign that we don't know enough of how fast ancient layers can be reformed after being disturbed (e.g. by seismic activity created cracks connecting them to the surface). This calls for some intentional experimentation!

  5. The "spark plug" found in CA does not look like present day spark plugs, it's too thin and too long. I haven't personally time traveled, but isn't it supposed to be going thru a portal, and within seconds you are at the time you want?? This shouldn't require space suits. Even if it did, you show me one space suit that doesn't have the gold tinted spherical cover on it, they look nothing like the figurines that show 2 different apparatus.
    Unless the people time traveling were physicists, there's no way a 1.8 billion year old nuclear reactor would exist. Even if the Oracle of Delphi had a laptop, where is she going to get internet??? No WiFi back then, and I'm sure there was no broadband……. My belief is mankind has gone thru many cycles of getting to great technology & then a cataclysm happens & we have to start over. I also believe some things can be attributed to Ancient Aliens. There is so much evidence of how millions of planets are in our galaxy, how could we be the ONLY one with intelligent life??

  6. #5 is a makeup mirror #4 is a naturally occurring item as a time traveler would have made a building. #3 is artistic license, perhaps there was a fad of drawing pictures of people blocking the sun #2 unexplainable #1i believe there was some traumatic event caused the quick fossilization of the early spark plug

  7. The aluminum wedge is the tooth of off a backhoe or trenching machine bucket. I used to see them everyday when I worked construction. Since these are the interchangeable piece off an excavating machine used by modern humans to dig holes it's not a stretch to think one came off whole digging a hole sometime in the past 50yrs. Got covered back up & then rediscovered at a later time. Honestly underground is literally the only place you would probably stumble across one of those.

  8. Why is it that it is always humans, who are implicated for time travel or for creating a nuclear reaction, etc.? Other creatures might have developed with some sort of technological capabilities. Evolution is not linear. Nor are humans an apex of development. For perspective, we are much closer to the last dinosaurs of the Mesozoic than those last dinos are from the very first dinosaurs. Besides, humans have hardly scratched the surface, technologically. Our technology is only a few hundreds of years old. It might not fossilize so well!

  9. As someone who has worked around and with large construction equipment all my life, I’m going to pop a while in the construction equipment bubble here. 8:19 Aluminum, is NOT used on heavy construction equipment. It’s all Steele, aluminum is way too soft for construction equipment. (Edit – 9:24 I’ve always wondered, why doesn’t someone busy this rock open, and see if a name, or any kind of numbers, are printer or etched on this thing. Seems the logical thing to do, IMO). 🙄

  10. A LAPTOP – of course!

    …..Or – just hear me out- maybe, it could be a number of other, far more PLAUSIBLE, things? Just an idea.

    Why anyone would instantly assume it's a fucking LAPTOP, of all things, is absolutely baffling (just what exactly is supposed to be powering it up, anyway??? And does it use Windows or is it a Mac? Can it get on the internet? I suppose she just Google searched all her questions, right? ).

    I hate these "proof of time travel" videos, they're always so fucking RIDICULOUS!
    You can't possibly make one of these and ever expect to be taken seriously again.

    This was an immediate THUMBS DOWN 👎

  11. I love mystics but all this guy does is find any short material he does no studying or looking into it and Google’s some questionable sights and uploads very short videos desperate to keep his subs going! Gives the most basic info that one could get without him speaking.

  12. A laptop without a WEB would be almost useless. Why not consider the fact that our acient ancestors were much more advanced than is commomly taught and these are artifacts from their lives? Peace

  13. The "laptop" is an offering of some sort. How the hell would a laptop be of any use in a time period that lacks both electricity and the Internet?

    Lots of art depicts people with circles of light around their heads in order to show their divinity. It's not a spacesuit.

    We don't give our ancestors enough credit for their innovation. Just because it looks modern doesn't mean it is.

  14. No you don't get what I'm saying the place ment of the world and the sun are moving together around the milky way if you were to go back in time the world you are standing on would be in another place in time space

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