5 Time Slip & Time Travel Stories That Can't Be Explained

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26 thoughts on “5 Time Slip & Time Travel Stories That Can't Be Explained”

  1. Re-create the “Philadelphia Experiment” using modern technology but don’t put humans in the equation. It can be done, if the govt. allows! Would be a good test of our cover up theories !

  2. Anomolous Rift Along the Space/Time Continu`um
    Appearence of Bright Ultra/RAdiant Portals
    Granting direct Access into countless WOrmHoles
    EXtended throughOut the vast Reaches of Time

    PROceed with EXtreme CAution . weary/tRAveler !¡

  3. Time is one phenomenon that always intrigued me. But I always think why people get too amazed when time sweeps happen. We human count time on change in relative position of things. Which is totally subjective and our observation is the only possible tool we used.

    For example suppose a people passed one year in 1 minute. But how we all counted 1 year. Its just the collective observation of all of us, human. If the person grab a very fast speed (speed that is faster than all the things we possibly know) he can very well pass 1 year of our time on 1 min of his. Simple.

    I'm not a student of physics but this is very simple. If anyone think otherwise please feel free reply my comment.

  4. I still stick to my belief that Jeff Goldblum was actually infused with fly DNA but that he had secretly developed an elixir to activate or suppress the attributes as he desired. I think many of these mysterious time-travel events are all Jeff's fault.

  5. John Titor claimed there was a civil war that went hot in 2008 then a nuclear war broke out in 2015. One thing that amazes me was Y2K…. It was on the news…. It was going to happen…. About one month from Y2K they suddenly had a patch… I remember how we began storing water and stuff but then it was announced at the last minute there was a download to fix it. I wonder if John Titor stopped Y2K which would have moved the civil war up a few years as well as the nuclear war with Russia.

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