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  1. 1 roll of tough plastic packaging tape ; for the Quick repair of most things inc leads ,chargers,Baggage +the security of taping yr locks on anything that might get pilfered in the hold /transit at airports etc etc. oh and…..splint a broken wrist or worse !
    A sharp finger-nail will normally tear off neatly just what u need . Cheers+Cinzano

  2. Hey RJ, you can drink the tap water in Scotland! It's good. Please come and visit us, the water is potable, and so is the whisky – I'll stand you a round or two!

  3. Literally watching this on a bus with a tempurpedic neck pillow behind my lower back for lumbar support; watches RJ tell me to do what I’m already doing. 😂

  4. Brilliant! I totally sympathise on sleeping. Can never sleep a wink in hotel rooms – bright, hot, over-soft beds and always some annoying noise you can't trace.

  5. Nice work. You could get one of those Leatherman bracelets that is TSA compliant that has all of the screwdrivers and stuff on it (no knife of course), but they are like $150 I think.

  6. Yes, chasing bookings , packing gear , promoting and dealing with un-cooperative people, driving long distance . . that is the work part of it. The Playing music part is fun.

  7. ur imodium tip was the most pro level hack of em all! my stomach is like a mesa boogie amp, its VERY TOUCH SENSITIVE and i can assure u, ive had more "traumatic experiences" on the road 2 last a life time lol!!!

  8. The guy who runs a band l play in thinks he is a star but with all of the traveling and hanging around the fact is l am just a waiter with a guitar. RJ gets it just like Tommy Tedesco used to say “ it’s just work “.

  9. Good tips and hilarious! I am going to seriously consider those eye blackout mask. I too finally broke down and got the bose headphones. I ended up getting a travel sound machine that has been very valuable but if space is limited your solution is better.

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