6 Tips to Hiding Valuables on Vacation

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31 thoughts on “6 Tips to Hiding Valuables on Vacation”

  1. "If you have an Armani shirt" just stop! Boy but you are stupid! If you have an armani shirt 300 eur are the top that you give and no one will think to take from you because you give them anyway. A safe is anywere! Specialy if you go in a hotel. Is is just a low end hostel they have safe in the reception area. Your ideas are…. laughable. But you hhave content and get paid ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. First, a toilet tank has clean water in it. And drunks and drug dealers use that space ALL THE TIME. Under a drawer? Nope. Because if it falls underneath you may not be able to move the furniture to get it out. Oh and stick with duct tape, scotch tape is not going to hold Under the trash? Are f*cking kidding me??? You're trying to hide money from the housekeeper who cleans the room and you leave it in the one place she's required to look!! No, she's not going to find it when she pulls the trash, of course not. Tell her not to pull the trash? That's going to be the first place they look. Do you really hang clothes like that??? Hang it up properly and then clip the money in there. In the vent??? Are you Walther f*cking White?? Are you trying to hide this from the housekeeper or the DEA??

    Here's a few places that will work. Under the mattress, a good distance from the edges. In the freezer of the mini fridge since they don't touch those until you check out. Under the chair, under the desk. On the back of the tv. In the air/heat unit under the panel that they won't touch until you check out. In the pants clips on the hanger WHERE THE CLOTHES ARE HUNG UP PROPERLY! Under the cable box if there is one. If you're feeling really crazy, use a safety pin to attach it to the lower portion of the curtains on the far ends which never move when people are opening and closing the drapes. I could keep going, it's not that hard. Sorry, anyone that's going to do that shit deserves to get ripped off, stupidity should hurt. Save your money and go buy some common sense.

  3. A bit sexist on the girls valuable is a purse and men's are electronics… but hey, you can also stay at an hotel who has a safe in the room or at the reception! Just saying!

  4. How about your passport that is the MOST important item when abroad!! the maid can let herself in at ANY time so what a terrible idea! i would put it in the dirty clothing bag rolled up in a tiny ziplock bag in some undies in the gusset or a fake pocket, they don't need to be a dirty pair !! maybe stay in better hotels or just take out less cash and insure your stuff as life is too short for all this crap!!

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