8-year-old girl kidnapped and snatched from her mother

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27 thoughts on “8-year-old girl kidnapped and snatched from her mother”

  1. I prayed for Salem when she first went missing…. The ones who prayed for Salem… Jesus Christ heard our prayers and brought the child back home and safe.🙏🏼

  2. People make fun of us who have security cameras I have 6 outside and 2 inside my home I’m not ending up like bothem jean fuck that If people are going to install cameras do it right

  3. The good inmates will take care his old ass, you know you got some who can't stand child abuser. Hope they skin him and never allowed to see the sun again.

  4. This poor little girl was not found in good condition. That pedophile had her for several hours. What do you think he did for all those hours in the hotel room with the little girl? Do you think he just sat there? When pigs snatch little children, they have only one thing in mind. He needs to be executed.

  5. Aside from a divorced parent,anyone kidnapping anyone should be publically hanged. Period. I dont give a shit about your past,your upbringing ,if your parents didnt hug you. Fuck you.

  6. Jason you are right I will put a bullet in this fucking guy head and dump him to the alligator fucking trash of this society and now he got the right to lawyers and go to jail to do exercise and we pay taxes of that happen in Saudi Arabia they will ship his head in public

  7. Why the fuck is this guy still alive? Send a message. He should have his head hacked off in open court. Then force his family to clean up the mess or they suffer the same fate.

  8. I just saw that he has 100k bail?! How? OMG!!! He deserves no chance at freedom, ever. Many would say he deserves immediate execution. I’m sure he’ll be taken care of in jail. Even the worst inmates won’t let people like him get away with that.

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