9-Year-Old Killed In Crash Involving Drag Racing In Dallas

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10 thoughts on “9-Year-Old Killed In Crash Involving Drag Racing In Dallas”

  1. Totally agree it was the Impala driver who killed that 9 year old girl.!!!!!
    Plus it was negligence of the Impala driver that she didn't had the safety belt on.

  2. I am making no excuse for street racing on a busy street but this was tragic incident has blame to passed all around. The first is when a child gets ejected from a vehicle it more often or nots means the child was not sitting in a child seat about 50% of children 10 are not physically tall enough to sit in the backseat of a car without a child seat. Additionally no child under 4’ 9” and under the age of 13 should sit in the front seat. Additionally if you watch the cell phone video carefully the driver of the Impala should not of made the left turn across traffic when he/she did sight lines were good and it was clear to anyone looking that fast approaching oncoming traffic was coming toward the Impala. Regardless of how fast or slow the idiots who were racing were traveling down the street towards the intersection the person making the turn are responsible for making that turn safely. My point is yes the cars/drivers racing down a busy street should not have been doing it but the operator of the Impalas that struck broadside should of been more careful about checking for oncoming traffic and not try cut across the intersection and ensure the 9 year old who was ejected from the car was using a child seat and making sure the seatbelt was properly used. This Traffic Accident could of very easily been avoided.

  3. Drag racing is increasing. And so is parking on sidewalks. Pedestrians must step into Lake June to get past vehicles and risk being run down by drunks. I have yet to see a drag racer or truck parked on sidewalk ticketed.

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