#992 PENN & TELLER Grave Magic – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog (4/25/19)

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49 thoughts on “#992 PENN & TELLER Grave Magic – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog (4/25/19)”

  1. I didn't know that trick could be done in a Cemetery while a person or persons were still alive? Things that make you go Hmmmm… Good to see Bret & JAH again!! Keep up the great work, Jordan

  2. I discovered your channel 3 days ago and have subscribed to it. I share your passion for the old Hollywood era and also Elvis. If I was living in the US, I would also want to track past actors' houses. (I live in the UK). Also, I have added visiting the Hearst mansion on my bucket list aftet seeing your video!!! Finally, ignore the haters, who cares.

  3. love this channel!!! I think in this video the grave with all the flowers was rapper nipsey hussle burial spot. please do a video on his grave site for those of us who aren't able to view it pleaseee

  4. It was great to see Breck again. When he moves you will have to go visit, with Jah of course, and do some podcasts from there. Card trick was pretty cool. Leave it to Pen and Teller.

  5. Cool addition to what I experienced with Penn and Teller. Worked for 20 years in Vegas at the Rio where they perform. Got to visit “The Slammer” before Penn sold it, look it up, it’s just wild! Off stage they are a couple of really neat guys and of course on stage they are just spectacular entertainers. Loved the build up to the trick’s climax-great job guys and did you catch those gorgeous eyes on Jah at the beginning? What a sweetheart! Thank You.

  6. If you go to Dallas, there is, of course, JFK's assassination site. But you could also check out Bonnie & Clyde's graves. They're both buried in Dallas, but in separate cemeteries. (Bonnie had wanted to be buried next to Clyde, but when the time came, her mother vetoed that idea.) Great vlog, as usual. Can't wait to see where your adventures take you and Brett!

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