A Super Magical Day In Disneyland!! | Favorite Ride POVs, Food & Fun!

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40 thoughts on “A Super Magical Day In Disneyland!! | Favorite Ride POVs, Food & Fun!”

  1. You know I'm use to gamer youtubers getting games early or vlogers going to press events but I never realized that theme park youtubers get to see new theme park stuff early thats super cool.

  2. Another fun video Trackers and love that Indiana Jones ride. Did they change Indy's placement in the first double door scene. I remember the animatronic holding the doors closed, his back to the doors. Now he appears to be standing to the right of the double doors. Also, super excited for Marvel World.
    Have to be honest, not a fan of the new paint job on the castle. Especially those blue shingles with the painted on diamond shaped "stars" or sparkles. Looks too kiddy and takes away from the beauty of the castle. I would much prefer muted tones or the previous paint job. It looks as though a small toddler designed the paint job not imagineers. Is this paint job temporary or is it going to stay? I suppose if it is permanent, the brightness will fade over time.

  3. Sooo my son who is 2yo said you picked the best things to film (Mickey/Buzz/the Disneyland band/soundsational parade)

    And thank you for this! As a CA local Passholder it was informative to see someone just as involved as we are getting into everything!!!

  4. They turned space mountain into a star wars thing??? I think thats really wrong!!! Space mountain is a classic. I also think that star wars galaxy’s edge should be at Dca and not disneyland. Disneyland is Walt Disney’s original park… maybe I am too nostalgic..

  5. If you can't get a fast pass for radiators spring, DO SINGLE RIDER! My sister, Dad, and I always do single rider and my sister and I always (most of the time) end up together though she is normally in front of me. But single rider is super fast and totally worth it

  6. Do you bring Jen during some of these trips but you focus on the video being with just you rather than you both? I was trying to figure out if she came too but was incognito haha

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