A Travel Writer Shares His Best Tips

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29 thoughts on “A Travel Writer Shares His Best Tips”

  1. Please! please !please! Make video on bishnois of rajasthan.i bet would really be a great big story.they are one of the worlds first naturalists such great people who care for nature and wildlife
    363 women also gave their life just to save trees
    Other facts about them-
    1.they only use fallen sticks as fuel and never cut trees
    2.they dont wear blue cloyhes as blue dye is made by cutting trees
    3.they never kill or harm animals.
    4.they even adopt animals who are
    Young whose their parents got killed by other animals and women also feed their own milk to orphan deers and antelopes
    5.they maintain cleanliness

  2. Meeting at Great Big News office:
    Editor: Come in and take a seat. Right, I would like you to fly to the other side of the world, take a minute or two worth of footage of some guy who writes some stuff, and then fly right back. All clear?
    Journalist: Yes, understood.
    Editor: Great. Have it on my desk by Thursday.

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