A Walkthrough & Memories Of…Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino Las Vegas (August 2019)

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27 thoughts on “A Walkthrough & Memories Of…Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino Las Vegas (August 2019)”

  1. Absolutely great posting! My parents's favorite. Went for their birthdays and anniversary since opening. Mom played slots and Pop paigow poker. When we would enter Mom would say "feels like home".

  2. The parking lot on the Flamingo side of Caesars has an interesting history. Howard Hughes owned it and refused to sell it to Caesars. Steve Wynn with the backing of E. Perry Thomas bought the land from Hughes. This was the only piece of land in Vegas Hughes ever sold in his lifetime. Wynn sold the land to Caesars and made about a million off of it which he used to buy the Golden Nugget. The land now houses the Augustus and Octavius towers as well as the Absinth tent.

  3. As you started to walk through the casino, I was looking for "my" slot machines! I have been staying at Caesars only these past 10 years and I love it! Thanks for taking us back in time, with the history too! You do a amazing job with your videos

  4. Great tour of Caesars. My memory is one time I was in Vegas with a friend to celebrate our retirements from teaching. We were staying out in Henderson at the M Resort and had tickets to see Matt Goss in Cleopatra’s Barge. We left the M in plenty of time and drove to Caesars. We split up for a while to gamble before the show and just before we were to meet up for the show, I discovered I had left the tickets back at the M. No time to drive all the way out there, of course, so we missed the show 😢. ( and of course, I reimbursed my friend the price of the ticket since it was my fault).

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