A Walkthrough & Memories Of…MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas (August 2019)

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20 thoughts on “A Walkthrough & Memories Of…MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas (August 2019)”

  1. Question do you have pay for towels also if wanted buy a drink need wallet so if went swimming buy yourself what do you do might be stupid question but what do you do lol, is there shaded areas as well laze in…

  2. Great walk through vlog as ever Matt. Summed up perfectly in the final sentence. You can still go and see the Lions at the Lion Habitat Ranch located very close to M Resort. (M Resort also well worth a visit, its gorgeous)

  3. I clicked off to watch a video of the room tour. 400 square feet and a view of Hooters, Tropicana and the airport. Definitely small but fine for a single person. If I got offers for a nicer room at any property, I'd consider that.

  4. Nice video Matt, nice to hear about the history and the majestic lions tip. We always stay here but we find the drinks service really good, Iโ€™m surprised you found it so bad, it is a hugh place though

  5. Again lots of great memories here! First visit was in 1994 when they still had the Wizard of Oz display and the theme park in the back. What a difference right?? We've seen so many changes over the years at MGM and have stayed there many times. We've stayed in West Wing rooms and also a few times in the extended suite types. Once we stayed in the ones that are located just off of the casino through the "secret" door – those are some scary rooms…like staying inn the bowels of hell. LOL Overall though we really enjoy MGM because of the thousands of slots to choose from. Playing the Majestic Lion slots is a tradition! Another awesome video Matt!

  6. First memory of Vegas when I was little is there was a lion enclosure like Matt said and there was a little walkway through the glass inclosure and I looked up and there was a huge lion's scrotum just within a couple of feet of my face. :#

  7. Your right to stay away from the buffet , it was awful. Its that big they have a team of people with coloured pens walking around touching up the carpet where its fading. I kid you not.

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