A Weekend At The Biggest Lesbian Party in the World

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31 thoughts on “A Weekend At The Biggest Lesbian Party in the World”

  1. How is madison a model she looks like a 12 year old boy sounds like a 14 year old boy and is a model wtf I couldnt tell if it was a boy or girl our tellingme she gets paid to look like a justin beiber

  2. Before anybody judges, just remember Mardi Gras. Before Katrina, it was a sex haven for many straight people. I even heard the term” it’s were the Catholic girls go to have there fun before Easter”; I’m not lying.

  3. I'm straight but sometimes lesbian vibes get me excited. 😂 I would probably have casual sex with a lesbian as long as there was no strings attached- and they gotta be STD free but that goes for any sex.

  4. Even if they paid me, I wouldn't go because so many people hate us just for having unconventional orientation sexual, so I get too scared of hate crimes. But, 5:29 😍😍 She can get my underwear. And, does anyone know the girl that was teaching the girl how to flirt?

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