Abandoned Chicago Police station (real evidence behind )

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24 thoughts on “Abandoned Chicago Police station (real evidence behind )”

  1. Every time I see these videos with the pealing paint, I am always amazed at how it just falls off like that! I thought I hear that crazy Josh! Your a Chicago man, Is Joliet State Prison still standing?? Hello " rnk all day" love you for telling us about Jose California!

  2. What's up bro! I just subbed to ur channel. I saw you on exploring with Josh keep up the great work dude!

    Would you mind subscribing back? My brother and i also do urban exploring just search us up as Themitchelbrothers thanks man!

  3. Jose, you gotta add some dope beats at that beginning and maybe give us information how old the jail is. Slow down on the camera. I support you bro, just giving you feedback. And add Exploring w/Josh title and RNK in title since you're a small channel Those names will help get your channel exposure and work on your editing.

  4. Your such a sweetie. I have followed you for a little while now. You seem like an awesome person just be careful and don't get hurt or in trouble lol. Hey can you tell us what got you into urban exploring?

  5. I wonder which station that used to be. Definitely way too big to be the old 20th district, which has been abandoned for close to 15 years.That could be an interesting explore too.

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