ABANDONED Creepy Old Hotel | Some Beds STILL MADE!

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26 thoughts on “ABANDONED Creepy Old Hotel | Some Beds STILL MADE!”

  1. Hi Rick and Bekah, I really enjoy exploring with you two exemplary young people from my living room. I am an elderly woman who did not grow up in an age where profanity was considered everyday language. Back then it was offensive, crude, and showed a lack of well breeding. I appreciate the courtesy you show your viewers by warnings and covering the graffiti when possible. I also admire the respect you show for other people’s property. If you two are any example of young people today, then our blessed country is in good hands. Be safe on your journeys and well wishes for your future.

  2. Rick and Bekah, another amazing video. I have said this prior, but your camera work is BEAUTIFUL. I have seen other videos of this place, but nothing rivals your respect and steady video work. An awesome husband and wife team. Please keep up the good work and I thank you for sparing us some of the disgusting graffiti!

  3. Natural decay is unbelievable – why people/kids think they have to break, crush, spray paint and destroy everything they get there hands on really sucks. Not just here in the USA all over the world :-/ . Would love to see a place with just natural decay. Thanks for sharing what you found, there were bits of nature having her way LOL. Be safe!

  4. In Australia Bassey and once I get in your process so hard to get out I used to hate it when my kids got them and they went into the bush once I get stuck in your clothes especially wool it almost impossible to get oh by the way I new to your channel great video by the 😸

  5. You are one brave soul going in alone Rick! Hi 👋🏻 Bekah! That was an awesome hotel in it’s day. The rooms were ordinary but companies holding conferences probably kept it alive. Beautiful atrium and pool area. All of those tv’s could have been donated to the needy, along with mattresses, lamps, tables and chairs. We are such a wasteful country. Great explore!! Glad you didn’t get into a “sticky” situation inside. Haha. God bless y’all and stay safe!! 💛

  6. Very well done, Rick! It's so discouraging to see people destroy other people's property. Even if it is abandoned! I'm so glad you and Bekah have such great morals!

  7. Awesome explore good to see you out and about again. It's such a shame people have a need to trash places like that. It's just the culture of America other countries you don't see any thing getting trashed. Great explore. Love the end the vines complete the new look. I appreciate what you go through to get to places.

  8. Cough syrup is a choice for druggies, so glad you didn't run into anyone Rick. That scared me, I was thinking he'd better get out! Cool place and you mentioned you stayed there before, must have made you sad. Be Safe Out There!

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