Abandoned Millionaires Royal Hotel With Cars And Everything Inside pt 2

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38 thoughts on “Abandoned Millionaires Royal Hotel With Cars And Everything Inside pt 2”

  1. This is a revisit where I take better photos and cinematography to the abandoned luxury hotel opened in 1963. In 1996 the Hachijo Royal Hotel reopened as the Pricia Resort, which closed in August 2003 to re-open in 2004 as the Hachijo Oriental Resort. When the tourism boom came to an end, it struggled to attract guests and finally closed in 2006. The island is probably most famous as a diving spot, a tiny island that no one visits anymore.

    This is also the last episode to the Japan Ronin Series! ;( But no worries they will be more Japan series to come!
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  2. Steve, I just wanted to say that I think that you and your friends are great people! You visit very interesting and historic sites to document them, not to destroy or loot them. You also demonstrate very good production work. I’m glad I found your site. Keep exploring and stay safe!

  3. It made me so happy to hear you don't like to move stuff around for pictures, it's always disappointing to go into a place and be able to spot where everything has been set up for Instagram. I like seeing places as they were actually left you know? I was beginning to think I was the only one!
    Have fun in South Korea x

  4. Steve, I love all of your videos and when you do revisits… Please, keep them coming… They help me to get through my days, I have depression and anxiety & I look forward to watching you explore, it takes my mind off of things.. Thanks again…

  5. Love this Steve, I remember seeing your first visit here a few years ago! The dolls house, unfinished room, may have been for the guests in the pent house, so they could bring there pets?

  6. I loved this hotel when you explored 2 years ago! Lot more nature decay but……it still has it's beauty! Loved the restaurant with all the beautiful sushi plates n bowls. Just pissed me off that people destroy n not respect the property. But someone has moved around things n put into piles. Just amazingly beautiful Steve! Another great video. Bless you for sharing it with me. Stay safe in all the places you are going.

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