ABANDONED Untouched Hotel EVERYTHING Still Inside – WITH POWER !

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44 thoughts on “ABANDONED Untouched Hotel EVERYTHING Still Inside – WITH POWER !”

  1. If this place has really been abandoned for 40 years why are there 355ml Coke cans in the fridge? In Canada, pop cans were only standardized from 280ml to 355ml in the mid 90s. I’m assuming this hotel is in Canada as in the US, soft drinks are measured in fluid ounces.

  2. Can’t believe the electric is still on ..if you don’t pay your bill you get cut off lol..someone has got to be still paying the bill..it is refreshing to see just the natural decay ..I would have thought they would have sold the beer off at the time ,it would have brought some money in ..such a waste and I don’t drink either lol 😀

  3. The power and water might be on for a number of reasons. Heat in the building early on might have been to slow the disintegration of the building, and to run a fire suppression system. On the other hand. Perhaps homeless people turned the power back on.

  4. This place is 💯 BUT you didn’t take Dan’s advice about pointing out the obvious 😂 It would have been scary AF if there hadn’t been any talking. Especially the tv’s and the fire bell. 😱 It’s ok I love your vids anyway! Also, how were your intestines after that old ass beer?!?!?!?!

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