Adventures By Disney Day 3! | Room Tour, Disneyland Fun & World Of Color!

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42 thoughts on “Adventures By Disney Day 3! | Room Tour, Disneyland Fun & World Of Color!”

  1. Is this the 4-day Disneyland® Resort and Southern California Escape? Sounds like it. Holy cow. Starts at $2,369 per person…plus roughly upwards of $350 in tips for 2 Adventure Guides for a family of 4… plus your airfare / travel to Disneyland. Yikes.

  2. Absolutely LOVE world of color! Im over the fireworks personally, its so over done! World of color was new and exciting to me! Maybe ill feel different if I see it again.

    We loved watching it from the patio bar right on the pier! The one that was behind ariels grotto.

  3. I live on the east coast. I've watched half a dozen different videos in preparation for my trip to Disneyland. Now I'm a little worried since it looks like so many things are covered up for renovation. Is it worth it. Btw. Do u ever run into fellow youtubers? I expect to see everyone walking around making videos when I go.

  4. If you want fireworks and world of color combined, visit Shanghai Disneyland. Their fireworks show includes the water sprayers in front of the castle. Most of the show is in Chinese but you get the idea of what’s going on for the most part.

  5. I grew up in So Cal and I guy I dated in college his family owned many of the orange groves that were sold to be part of Disney. His dad is in the promo film of opening day of kids running up to the opening gate (maybe the castle?) you guys are bringing back so many memories for me

  6. Great video. Loving these…you guys are two of the best Youtubers ever. Keep up the wonderful work! Btw Tim that song you were hearing at the start was "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" from Hello Dolly, which also featured in Wall-E. Gotta love a throw back!

  7. World of Color is by far my favorite Disney show fireworks are ok but get repetitve in my opnipn. I'd rather have colorful fountains, fountain projections and projection shows on the castle.

  8. Personally, the World of Color show is my favorite before Happily Ever After came around. I think it has the best sound track out of all of the shows, and I feel like you can truly experience it in different ways depending on where you are standing in the crowd. But hey, I completely get the appeal of fireworks shows, especially at Disney, it is just a different kind of magic when it's right beside the castle!

  9. Disneyland has the loudest fireworks ive ever heard. We stayed at the Travelodge up the street and as east coasters we were sound asleep the first night and it sounded like they were in our room.

  10. Gloomy day here in Boston is SO much brighter because of this video! I took the Walk with Walt tour in February and saw Walt's apartment too – SO emotional!!! I was speechless. So very cool 🙂 🙂 🙂

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