After 17 HOURS of Travel… (Vlog #7)

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30 thoughts on “After 17 HOURS of Travel… (Vlog #7)”

  1. Just found this channel a few weeks ago and decided to watch from the very first video and work my way upwards. Right from the start these have all been very high quality videos, and your personality just fits so well on this platform.

  2. lol i literally stayed in the same hotel at the same time as her and didnt know she was there. Pretty sure i bumped into her at the buffet but didnt know her at the time 👍

  3. I can feel your pain honey…..Im from Romania,but currently in New York and it took me like 13 hours also(so at first i got a plane from romania to russia which took like 3 hours,and then from russia to new york took me 10 hours and in total it took me 13 hours and 1/2 to get here.I did some research the other day and saw that Romania is 7 hours and a couple of minutes away from NY,which explains a lot because if in Romania is 1 am there's a chance that in America,NY is 6 pm.It's a 7 hour difference between those two countries and in time also.If it's 2 pm in Romania In NY must be 7 am.)

  4. She was such a babyyy awww she looks 12 it’s so cjuuuutt btw she looks way too much like the typical American white girl it’s weirddd haha

  5. I´m Dominican (unfortunately) and I can't freakin believe you came to DR that's just insaneee. I love you so much and I have been watching you since 2017, how come I don't remember watching this video? I LOVE YOUUU

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