After sexual assault acquittal, video emerges of Mateen Cleaves dragging naked woman into motel room

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31 thoughts on “After sexual assault acquittal, video emerges of Mateen Cleaves dragging naked woman into motel room”

  1. I see most people did not read the case. He got off because she kept contacting him after this night. He kind of ghosted her then she went to the cops. This happened in Sep 2015 & she went to the cops in March 2016.

    After talking about this case I was asked what would make you run out a motel room half naked. I said either a robbery or if someone was trying to rape me. If someone raped me then I would bring yelling & running for my life. I would not go back in the room with the rapist.

    This video was shown in court & he was found not guilty. They were both drunk & possibly on drugs. They were at a motel. He is not rich & doesnโ€™t have $ to pay anyone off.

  2. Maaaan!!! You can't blame that on the white women it was the brotha that mess up, he's in the wrong point blank Period. Us black people always blaming the white people but we never blame ourselves for the bullshite we do to each other.


  4. He might not not have raped her and no evidence of it. She must have been high and Buddy was worried she was going to bring attention to his room. if they had multiple encounters or she stayed with him voluntarily the next day. he might have gotten a kidnapping charge but not if she was high and could've endangered herself

  5. From what I saw in the video it looks like she was trying to get away from him twice he was completely naked she was nude from the waist down this definitely looks like rape to me he was physically forcing her back to the room against her will ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ race has nothing to do with it no woman should be treated like that if she wanted to leave he should have let her go that guy got away with rape I donโ€™t know how anyone could defend his actions

  6. I k you run office dt turn into uncle tom and jurors was white women 8 of them it wasn't rape judge threw it out 4 yrs ago dum. prosecuter brought back up stop trying hang black man not geto Boys way bro

  7. is set up, she pro baly knew there was camera there before you even went there, i wouldnot let a woman who i was with run naked outside, i will also try to talk sence to her and try to get her back in the room, you just not gonna run on Streets trying to rape a woman, trying force her ugly drunk ass back in, it doesnot make sence, but you dude becaeful with them chicks dangerous, record every movement tell them so, you wanna be with me white lady, i record everything.

  8. So I had to go check this footage out. Upon watching, I realize there's someone sitting in that van. I would think a rapist would not want to be seen or caught. Was she high and he was protecting her from running outside naked making a fool of herself or was it indeed rape? And he went running outside in public naked chasing after her too?๐Ÿค” The footage does not necessarily tell me that it was rape. Yes it looks crazy but I'm 50-50 with this one.

  9. This is the world that evil controls… We have to do something and stop talking about it… And let's started doing something… First stop voting and stop watching theses demonic Sports and theses demonic entertainers… And hold the judges accountable for not over ruling evil… Meaning theses lying District Attorneys offices, the police, and the jurors, plus the judges too because they are liars and evil doers… Anyway,
    This is your girl…
    One Love Movement Act

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