Air BnB Real Estate Investing – Converting Rental Property to AirBnB

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20 thoughts on “Air BnB Real Estate Investing – Converting Rental Property to AirBnB”

  1. I love your walkthrough of this property and the AirBnb angle. It's definitely a concern to over- or under-build in a gentrifying location. If only you had a crystal ball?

  2. 10:33 – If you have the money, and the area genuinely is gentrifying (and you see it continuing for long enough into the future), just knock down that old master suite and make your very large addition now. Don't waste money making the deck.

    Also, now that I have a feel for the size and layout of the rooms and rest of the building, it kind of needs another spacious room. Honestly, without that addition, it feels/looks quite cramped. If you make the massive addition now, then redo the layout of the house (very awkward layout!), then you can probably squeeze a lot more efficiency out of it. But you can't really redo the layout in the future if you don't have the addition.

    But I don't know. I'm still learning through the fire hose right now, and you know a lot more than me.

  3. I'd be inclined to have the same account. Don't let one property slide, or be lesser than the other. Light the fire under your butt to do your best for every guest. If you market and communicate effectively, your guests will understand what you have to offer and appreciate you regardless.

  4. The walls we call lath and plaster the stuff from the early 1900s they ( Melbourne ) mixed some type of cement lime and horses hair, for the plaster

  5. How is it going, big fan. I'm planning to move to Canada from Cancun and would love to meet up with y'all and maybe do some business together. I'm currently managing a building with 9 condos and a penthouse where I live. I love your country, specially been looking to move to London, Ontario. I'm about to start another protect that will have 16 estudios but my plan is to live ine Canada. Ill probably stop by 2019 summer with my family and see if we can meet up since you have more info about everything in Canada. lol

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