Air Force warns against Area 51 raid

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35 thoughts on “Air Force warns against Area 51 raid”

  1. My question is why aren’t gates at the trespassing line? Wouldn’t that prevent them or at least have really notified them that they were about to go too far? Seems like a money racket to me

  2. that's just sketchy as it can be, what can be hiding there that's so damn secret you can't even be over a line? even though they couldn't even see the base or anything, and why so serious U.S government? This doesn't concern anyone even to this day? its so secret that you cannot know anything that's there or maybe at least some insight on it? well thanks to Bob Lazar we have an idea at least :p the modern day Otacon. " This is snake. Otacon, do you read me?".

  3. It's a mercenary camp that your government has for certain ops.
    But no secret is too important to keep from your country's people or do you wish to be like North Korea? I'm asking the USA right now what's so secret. They do have the right to know what's in their backyard. Absolutely they do.

  4. Area 51 is probably a place where the U.S Government stores a pile of Nuclear bombs or something or is a major launch sight. I don't believe in aliens or extra testorials. The day we find out, what is in Area 51, it just might be too late, there might not be anything left of the world.

  5. The government is stupid if they fire on their on American people especially if it's like 250,000 that makes us look bad as a country our reputation is bad already all you have to do is get the family members of people who work in area 51 or very important people who haven't been in the base high in ranks and put them on the front line as they try to raid are they going to fire on their own family members or commit blue on blue I wouldn't think so no secret is worth killing some one over wow a alien we see them in movies all the time wow a ufo seem them in movies wow energy weapons I played Halo wow active camo don't care I wouldn't be impressed release the cures to some these supposedly unucureable illnesses then I'll be impressed fuccing cunts depopulate the planet Instead of using the supposedly secret aircarft to go colonize some where else before we blow up ourselves dumbasses 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. Military base my ass, someone need to drop a nuke on those assholes. Nothing should be off limit if it's not fenced around oh, is that what they're really threatening people life over. They should nuke the whole bunch of them. Also the DA is in on it

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