All You Can Eat Sushi HAPPY HOUR at Palace Station Las Vegas

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37 thoughts on “All You Can Eat Sushi HAPPY HOUR at Palace Station Las Vegas”

  1. Sushi Roll is way too big for a single. Could they just make 2 pieces to sample? A regular buffet would be better for my rice allergy since I can pick off the rice or eat nigiri (just the raw fish).

  2. Hey Derek! Rules in an all you can eat buffet,wow! “It’s all about the rice.” Joking aside,you’re right, eating 2 specialty rolls cost more than their offering price.Did they forget your chopsticks? Again thanks for sharing. You’re entertaining as always! Merrill

  3. Hey Derek, where the heck are the Dominos :), another great post. You should do another colab or drawing/meet-up with some subs that go to Vegas, you would make a great concierge with your amiable personality. Surprised Winn hasn't contacted you 🙂

  4. I just have to say thank you!! I just found your channel a couple of days ago and I moved to Las Vegas two and a half years ago! I am so happy that I have a personal guide for all the best places to eat. I am such a foodie and you are really amazing for putting this channel together lots of love to you and your family thanks so much! 😁🍖🍢🍡🍴🍸🍗🍛🍜

  5. “Eat everything otherwise we’ll charge you extra” sounds so weird…. except it makes sense, to cut food waste. But what if you get a sushi you don’t like??? “I don’t want to finish this, it’s gross”. “Ok then you have to pay extra for it”. The sushi looked amazing though. Made to order is excellent!

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