Am I about to lose everything?

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  1. Hey all! Just so you're aware, here is my second channel if you want to subscribe – going to be posting more content here, as well – it'll be slightly different than the main channel, but still on the topic of finance/money/etc. Just a lot more casual. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Summer is coming, lots of high schoolers are graduating. Could you make a video about how to plan out our future and give us a few tips on what you recommend us doing? Love your videos!

  3. Just some unsolicited advice don't over levered. I just say that because $800,000 in debt shiny new flip if I didn't decide this is where I'm going to stay. And trust me real estate in Florida is not that cheap, especially certain pockets

  4. Graham, why don't you just sell 42% of your properties to pay off the remaining mortgages and collect the approximately 57% of your current rents? You'd own the remaining properties free and clear and also collect more in rents than you currently do. Currently subtracting your monthly mortgage payment from your rents equals $7500/mo (not including your taxes/misc and equity pay down). Selling 42% of your properties would cut your rents down to around $9K/mo. You would make an extra $1500/mo this way and have no debt (plus you'd pay 42% less taxes). This is especially a good idea if you think the market has toped out significantly, and would allow you to save up for buying when the markets dip again. This just seems like such common sense, why not?

  5. I'm pretty sure you have your money invested in other things besides real estate lol, people love to judge based on the first fact they see. The number one rule of investing your money; "Don't put your eggs all in one basket".

  6. Not true. Demography changes so cannot be exactly the same cycle. Babyboomers take up huge portion of the mass population. When they start to leave the population, huge amount of properties will be available therefore, over supply= price drops further

  7. I wonder if fear of the market dropping will help cause it to drop. By fear I mean, people waiting to purchase real estate because they are waiting for lower prices.

  8. Hey Graham I used a second mortgage that was I use to buy a pool I ended up using 2 properties I thought it was going to be a correction I have not paid a single mortgage on two propertiesand I only paid mortgage on two properties because I moved into them and I able to sell my investment investment I would like everyone to be able to do the same now I know you're in California and it's a completely different market I'm in Florida your video on the $250 million man was kind of interesting.

  9. I like your videos, but I actively don't press the like button on everyone when someone ask me to before I've watched the whole video. I know it's important for you do say it early in your video because of people who don't watch the whole video, but still. I don't think it's smart to aim at "like button" from people who are leaving the video early, probably they won't press the like button anyway. It's better to say something naturally like "smash that like button if you like this video!" 7/10 into the video, and than at the end ask again. It feels more natural.
    I don't know, I just find it annoying when someone asks me to like the video before I've even watched it. 🙂
    Just my honest thought. 🙂

  10. Great video Graham! Most probably the people who reply sceptically, don't have properties of their own… probably are just into debt. Therefore cannot buy. Therefore are jealouse of other people who are able too…

  11. Oohhhh. Graham just dropped the mic on the haters. – "But Graham, I wasn't ready for you to shut down my paperthin argument with FACTS!" lololol ✌🏾😂

  12. If i don’t have 20% down payment? Do I have to use “first time buyer” program? Is it worth it? I rent apartment, and pay 1500 per months. Thinking to buy an apartment, but to save 20% it’s super hard. In my area there is nothing less than 300k for one bedroom condo, 20% it’s 60k. And I pay every year 18k for rent… it’s crazy 😝

  13. Keep pumping these videos out. I am always buying real estate at the highs and lows. Value add. Multifamily RE. Also I use the BRRRR method. It’s works for me for 20 years. See my channel

  14. You also diversify your real estate holdings- (i.e. 10, any vacancy is only 10% loss, vs 1 unit at 100% loss). However, more likely then aliens is… earthquakes for you!! (it is california after all).

  15. Thanks Graham. I love your videos and you convinced me that I'll take Real Estate as my investment vehicle. I'll save my money in an vanguard index fund until I can buy a rental property.

  16. Dude I have to tell you, I remember watching you and your pal Kevin's channels about a year and a half – two years ago. I'm not sure you had breached the 100,000 mark. I got swamped in my own rental related business. And then I returned about 2 months ago and JAW DROP. A quick check on what your popular videos were and I had to crack a smile. He FOUND his rosetta stone. Huge congratulations man. Creating The Graham Stephan Channel makes a whole lot of sense. This way your RE audience and still get what got you started here. Keep on keeping on!

  17. Seriously loving the all might YouTube algorithm for suggesting ya!

    There are a few accounts you might want to consider featuring that would appeal to your audience I haven't seen just yet.

    Discover offers the only legitimate rewards debit card that I am aware of. It's only 1% but for people who have decimated their credit, or are terrified of credit cards, this is their only option I know of to earn rewards without a credit card. There are also no fees and savings accounts are close to Ally in terms of interest.

    Alliant Credit Union has a "high" yield checking account with a very low barrier to entry to avoid fees so anyone can earn interest on money they need higher liquidity of than a savings account provides. By "high" I mean it's .65% interest. So nothing compared to a proper savings account but compared to ANY MAJOR BACK'S "savings" account it dominates. Their savings account is also near Ally in terms of interest. At time of writing Ally is 2.2% and Alliant is 2.1%. Also instant transfers of money between your accounts.

    Credit Card wise a 5% card I've seen you miss is Fort Knox credit unions gas card. They issue the 5% back on gas as a statement credit every month. Downside is their website was created by a 6 year old in a shed and they don't offer any auto-pay that I can see.

  18. Thanks for shedding light on these comments because comments are very interesting you get to see what people are thinking which happens to be a wide spectrum of thoughts. My impression after every video is that Graham is absolutely killing the game hands down so am I just overly optimistic or do I just trust Graham too much or is a lot of the viewers in a dark place? Anyway Im still at the beginning of the video. To be continued.

  19. Could watch a full video stupid comments you get. Being in the finance career path myself, I do enjoy the occasional tin hat that comes through and tells me all the banks will crash soon, or other similar comments.

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