Amazon Haul | TRAVEL ESSENTIALS & MUST HAVES (That Also Make Great Gifts)

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43 thoughts on “Amazon Haul | TRAVEL ESSENTIALS & MUST HAVES (That Also Make Great Gifts)”

  1. Hi Katt!

    Can you do an updated video on your airline? Maybe pros/cons, why it was a good fit for you, some of the employee incentives/activities etc. your airline offers?

    If you’ve already did it then my apologies and I’ll scroll through. I’m genuinely interested in your airline and would love to hear personal experiences/opinions and you’re so good at it. Absolutely no rush would just like to see one now that you’ve been there for a hot minute 🤟🏾

  2. Better little travel jewlery box ideas:
    Travel sized pill organizers
    empty coty Airspun container, sifter removed(you can paint or decorate it, mine is covered in glitter and mod podge)

    Alternative idea for travel makeup removal:
    mircofiber towel(you can get cheap packs of them on amazon) with a little bottle of any oil(I use olive oil in a repurposed mini liquor bottle). Takes off makeup like a dream

  3. I have a question next time you wear pants with your uniform can you film you putting on your knee high socks please all the way up to your knee please please please reply back please please

  4. Your dog might be allergic to something in the new house if he is all of a sudden shedding more. It starts with the shedding then the skin gets all pink and irritated. Not saying this is happening to your baby, but my roommate in college had a dog it happened to and we couldn't figure it out for weeks. The vet gave her a cream and it helped a lot.

  5. The best small jewelry box for travelling I have found is “Teamoy Small Jewelry Travel Case, Portable Jewelry Organizer” from Amazon. It’s about the same size in width as the red one you got but much thinner! It comes it all kinds of colours (I got the pink) and it holder a lot or just a few. Plus because it’s fabric, it takes up less space. It’s well made too.

  6. OMG your hair!!! 😱🤯😍😍 I mean….your hair!! That’s all I could focus on, I have no idea what you said in this video! 🤣😂 you look GORGEOUS 👩🏻‍🦰💕

  7. I love your new hair colour 💜 but honestly I think it's so weird that you've never heard about a hot water bottle or hand warmers 🤯 it's all we use in the UK 🇬🇧

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