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  1. Can we make a plant a tree challenge you everybody how has a a backyard schould plant a tree and nominate three others

    It doesn't matter where on earth a tree is it makes oxigen anyway 🙏🌲

  2. The horrible people who set this fire don’t realise that it might kill them to it might kill there families. It might kill everyone tis forest is the worlds lungs now those lungs are dying and there is no hospital for the world is there now so all we can do is STOP KILLING IT MAYBE

  3. A couple things that you can actually do to help: Go vegan, vegetarian, protest, use less plastic, use cars less, turn off lights and don’t use power unless you really need it, and if you continue saying things like “pray for the Amazon” don’t, praying wont do anything, no hate at all but praying wont do anything at all. Please, the reason the Amazon is burning is because of people wanting to raise animals, burning forest to make room to breed them and raise them, slaughter them. Try your best to get your family to stop buying unnecessary meat, dairy, poultry.

  4. want to end the Amazon, because of ores, no European country, has such a natural forest and so much biodiversity, what Germany and other European countries, we want to teach, that they are talking about Brazil? 🇧🇷❤️

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