Amber Guyger Trial Day 3: Lead investigator says Guyger didn't commit crime

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34 thoughts on “Amber Guyger Trial Day 3: Lead investigator says Guyger didn't commit crime”

  1. SEE HOW CORRUPT THE AMERCAN JUSTICE SYSTEM IS… RANGER ARMSTRONG MURDERED A MAN IN A HIGH SPEED CRASH AND WAS NOT CHARGED SO NOW WE SEE WHY HE WAS CHOSEN TO BE LEAD INVESTAGATOR FOR AMBER GUYGER CASE I bet Ranger David Armstrong said he feared for his life when he drove twice the speed limit and crashed into a man with such force the poor man was thrown from his vehicle and died YOU CANT TRUST THIS GUY TO BE NON BIAS IN THIS CASE OR ANY CASE WERE A OFFICER MURDERS SOME ONE UNJUSTLY we see why he think Amber Guyger didn't commit a crime

  2. looks like Ranger Armstrong was apart of an lawsuit involving a cover up. the article talks about Armstrong causing someone's death. NOW WE KNOW WHY ARMSTRONG SAID THIS!!!!

  3. This guy today just purty much said in English that… IF she had NOT been for her POLICE training that she would NOT have been so fast to pull the trigger! Normal citizens would have needed more "info" about the situation before taking a shoot but a COP that been trained to shoot faster! THAT SAYS WAY TO MUCH TRUTH ABOUT LAW!

  4. I know make sure my doors are locked and firearms are loaded with body armor ready to slip on . Once again police have proven to be America's number 1 threat. I just don't feel safe around police anymore

  5. I have no respect for this man. To say she committed no crime is beyond belief. Also, the 911 tape showed the devil saying over and over again "I thought it was my apartment". Now her attorney is saying Botham was coming at her, and she feared for her life. You can not add things now. She never said Botham charged her, Botham tried to attack her, Botham had a weapon, or she was in fear of her life and had no choice but to shoot him. Let's talk about the fact that Botham was shot from a DOWNWARD angle. GUILTY!

  6. David Armstrong is the very definition of a black Trump voter. I wonder if he would feel the same if Ms Guyger walked into his sons/daughters apartment and shot and killed them. Thinking all the while she was entering her apartment. He sounds utterly pathetic.

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