American Express Platinum 2019 – How Travel Rewards Cards Work

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8 thoughts on “American Express Platinum 2019 – How Travel Rewards Cards Work”

  1. The card is fine, it's just not a card most people will be able to take advantage of. Most people only get it for the sign-up bonus. They need to rethink these credits or lower the annual fees.

    It's not a card I would typically recommend to anyone as a keeper card unless they are someone who flies A LOT. Like at least 6x a year. Or, like you said, if you really, really want that lounge access. Lounge Access i typically don't care too much about because here in Atlanta we have nice restaurants to hang out with better food and drinks which I'm willing to pay for. And I try to book flights back home that are as close to hotel check out so I can just go to airport and get on plane asap.

  2. I think the amex points have gotten a leg up on chase. chase lost a partner, devalued another travel partner. and now its when you can get a bonus on travel partners. amex has had bonuses when redeming points for years. so amex points are better right now in my opinion.

  3. Having both the CSR and the Platinum, I’d say that the Platinum card (and the AMEX ecosystem) has worked better for me than Chase. I travel about 4 times per year, and I have definitely had more enjoyable experiences because of the platinum card, since it gives you more “niceties” than the CSR. The two most enticing features that drove me to get the platinum were the complimentary gold status with Hilton and Marriott, and Delta sky club access. I think the only leg up the CSR has on the platinum is how easy it is to use the $300 travel credit. If I had to start over again, I would probably have told myself to get in the AMEX ecosystem first, since I find myself using it more than Chase.

  4. I know some people see value in this card at $550, but I think it's hard to justify for most people when compared to other cards they could get instead. I also don't like how Amex splits the benefits on things like Uber, forcing you to use it only a little a time each month instead of whenever you want, which means many people won't max out the benefit but American Express can promote it at its full value.

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