Amsterdam Travel Vlog | 20 Insane Facts About Amsterdam

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27 thoughts on “Amsterdam Travel Vlog | 20 Insane Facts About Amsterdam”

  1. Nice video! I hope you enjoyed Amsterdam. For people that want to enjoy the city themselves: get prepared in less than 25 minutes for a visit with a video I finished in April. I posted on my fresh new channel. Happy traveling Charly!

  2. When you are in Amsterdam and do some things alls, visite Spakenburg the hidden jeem of Nederland. The 1e saterday of September it's then fishery day in Spakenburg. Take the train to Amersfoort and then the bus 176 to Bunschoten Spakenburg.

  3. Englisch is a world language and the netherlands were a world country (we must to have it from the world ) so thats why we al have to learn englisch its not realy the 2nd language its yust normal here to learn at least 3 types of language

  4. If one want's to learn a foreign language "Learn short sentences". Most likely to learn are sentences, to use daly. Ordering food and drinks for instance. Write them down take them with you. And learn them if there are moments to spare. Put the notes in a place where you can find them back easily. Don't throw the notes away use them to rehearsal.

  5. i went to amsterdam few days ago… seriously its the best place i have been to all special places in amsterdam …. i know alot about the city . i even drove the motorbike it was the best feeling

  6. True: 20.000.000 tourists visit Amsterdam each year. I live in Amsterdam. I know. I wish all 20Mln of them would just stay away. Why? Because Amsterdam only has about 800.000 people living there. in the centre of Amsterdam the tourists outnumber the residents 5:1, which is why the shops in the centre of amsterdam have all their signs and labels in English. Many shops have hired English-speaking personel because it's better for dealing with tourists. Well, I say shops, we have about 150 souvenirs shops fake cheese-shops (strictly to fool the tourists, the dutch don't buy cheese there), ice-cream shops, "phone" shops, all within one kilometer of central-station. If you happen to live there and need regular groceries, tough, you'll have to travel further because of all the tourists.

    And then there's the restaurants with English speaking pushers trying to lure people inside. Coffeeshops that stink of weed, bars with endless groups of brits, drunk off their tits because they are used to drinking pint-size glasses of low-alcohol beer, and we drink small glasses of high-alcohol beer. They puke, they piss, they shout…

    If you want to do the locals a favour then don't come to Amsterdam. At least not to the centre!

  7. hi Charly, I am happy I came across your channel 🙂 With my girlfriend we want to have one too and there is a lot to learn from you 🙂

    As for the video – too bad you didn't have a chance to visit Amsterdam when it is warmer 🙂 This would be another great experience, like a different city! 🙂

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