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31 thoughts on “AMSTERDAM TRAVEL VLOG | 2018”

  1. Hey Elle, I have to eat gluten free and am heading to Amsterdam tomorrow. I was wondering if you could link a few of the places you ate? I’d greatly appreciate it as I’m only there for 2 days it would be amazing not having to walk around every place to be like hmm do you do gluten free, which I’m sure you understand is like the most annoying thing in life itself! Xx

  2. I just wanna say I think you are doing an absolutely amazing job at vlogging! I know how awkward it must be to hold up the camera in front of so many people who are staring at you. So thanks for the content and keep it up girly!

  3. Excellent Amsterdam Travel Vlog, Very Unique City Something for all Taste in Art and Lifstyle, Highly Entertaining and Fun, Loved it, Appreciate it and Enjoyed! ⭐⭐⭐⭐❀

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