Ancient Temple of Time Travel Found in India?!

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49 thoughts on “Ancient Temple of Time Travel Found in India?!”

  1. Indians already pro players ,they've 5000 years of experience too.
    Maybe daily using gadgets are carved under their temples, just look closely.

  2. Please let me know when you are done with India. I know what you are aiming for but people like diverse content. BTW did you notice that your view count is decreasing. I hope you will be able understand what I am trying to explain to you.

  3. A man saying it "could" have happened during renovations is FAR from proof! Did you see what the bicyclist was wearing? Which era is that outfit,that hair or hat??? Look more closely…

  4. 4:08 It's Shiva not Brahma.
    And mind you, most of the inventions the western world claim to have made had been invented thousands of years ago. The whole Ancient Indian texts tell that

  5. What kind of video is this. You show 1 kid with bicycle in old temple . There are so many things to show in indian temples and other structures related to time travel and what not. You take this image from praveen mohan's video , have you even seen this video till the end.Please research more before you make video like this.

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