Another Transgender Woman Killed after Viral Beating Video

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21 thoughts on “Another Transgender Woman Killed after Viral Beating Video”

  1. What kind of commentary is this? You are acting out scenes, instead of keeping to the topic? Wow. One more thing sir, you cannot compare the two! Skin color is in your face, and if Mulaysia had not told everyone the gender that was in transition, no one wouldn't know the difference, or bother to care! No one knows if it was the gender that killed muhlaysia. Muhlaysia got into the vehicle with someone, was shot then thrown out like a piece of trash, so before you get on the fence and gossip, and spread false mess, read the DARN story, and ✋🏼 because this doesn't help justice!!! I'm sure Muhlaysia deserves better! You said, chicks with d$&@, and you in church? Bible study 📖? Really? Please read, Yeshua's word, before you continue, speak about Him!

  2. From the Book of Genesis into the book of Enochs, and the angels choosing wives and begetting offspring, to coveting amongst themselves to hold secrecy of their doings! How does this atest to there being same gender lickings occurring in heaven??

  3. Like do said one time that staight man in church after you I believe you because I promise I saw a usher straight married man with kids staring at my cousin and my cousin handsome looks like you ya can passed for twins all the women wanted him in church nobody knew back then what his sexuality was because it wasn't there business the family knew I was a teenager he was in his late twenties this was back in the eighties then

  4. Also, 1 more thing my Brothers and Sisters. The Law about Clean 🧼 and Unclean Food 🥘 is a Law that’s in acted in these modern times. We have to change our eating habits. I’m just doing the best, that I can do, and with prayer 🙏🏽. Thanks again with Agape Love 💕, Shalom

  5. Oh believe me James, I got it! My new favorite scripture is now is Deut.28:1-68! I’m just so surprised that we, as Brown Americans don’t know how important just this scripture is for us. It’s FUBU for real! We have to obey our Most High Elohiym, Commandments, Laws, and Statues. Me and others are playing catch up with everything because, our Pastors (Preachers/Priests) didn’t and still don’t tell us who we are. I don’t do any Man made Churches or Denominations. I just go straight to the Truth, his word The Cepher Bible!! It’s our guide book to life and for salvation. Shalom Family

  6. Thanks for the Bible Study today, and please give us updates on this murder case. I pray the perpetrator(s) are arrested charged and found guilty and sentenced under special circumstances under the Hate Crime laws.

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