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  1. To be honest…I was traveling and I end up getting the flu …then i came back to tx & then I broke out in hives all over my face and couple days after it started to peel like what you said…. idk strange

  2. LOL I'm one of those people that were so excited about the amenities in my condo and neverrrr use them now, but my friends are always hype to use them tho 😩😂

  3. Yay! It's been a minute so glad to see you guys together again. Also, these comments 😒 please stay out of their business societal pressures are real smh. I can definitely relate. They are not gone live their lives to be on y'all timelines. They will do what they want when they are ready. In the meantime they're happy and in love. So Happy to see y'all happy and flourishing 💓

  4. Just cause they haven't said they are engaged doesn't mean they aren't. Neiicey stated she wasn't going to be living with someone without the ring (go girl). As you should all know she is very private an ain't going to be dropping all her details to us at every second. Being that she is very public to all of us, I don't blame her. Dat ring has been sitting on that band finger for a minute, can't wait to see the knee drop video. Love the Braids Bryan. Good luck to you guys…..The cutest couple IMO on Youtube!

  5. I love how you always keep it real about your experiences lol. I respect it. So glad to see you and Bryan back together. I missed seeing you guys in vlogs

  6. I don't know Neiicey. You think it is the food you have been eating? As you get older your skin reacts to things differently. I am thinking maybe it is from having just been in those hot countries. Sometimes you can peel after a lot of sun. Even people with brown skin.

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