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  1. I love suleman, He shouldn't buy jet abi? How many schools has tinubu or ur father built in Nigeria? Buy 100 Jets and who don't like it should look for the nearest transformer to hug.

  2. If Church business is very lucrative and so easy, why not stop your circular job and open your own church. How many people are you supporting personally when you are even asking for money to teach people ordinary online class. You need to stop talking about Suleman and let him enjoy the fruit of his labour. I believe He actually bought the jet too late, he deserve to buy whatever he want, you are not one of his church members and it is not your money.

  3. Suileman is very a smart con artist and scammer of our time. What happened is that suileman had been planning to buy a private jet for sometime now and he knew that he would receive a lot of backlash from social media particularly from his main antagonist DF, so a couple of months before he purchased the plane, he began "discussing scripture" and "made friends" with freeze so as not to receive any social media backlash.. suileman is very smart guy.. Freeze fell for the bait.. now suileman speaks so freely about purchasing a private jet and freeze can't condemn him because they are now "friends".

  4. If a man says he bought a pencil for $1, no one would care because we can all afford it but if he said he bought that same pencil for $1000, the natural jealousy in man comes up. You know why, because you can afford it and you feel why should he spend that kind of money? Where does he get it from?

  5. Let me correct you. Most of the work a pastor does is not just talking. You don’t understand spiritual matters. It’s like saying all of what Moses did, was just to move with the children of Israel. You cannot quantify earth,y money and spiritual blessings. You cannot pay a true pastor. This world still stands today because of Gods gifts to men which is in our neighbours. Hence love your neighbour as you love yourself.

  6. Jealousy is another fast growing business. When another person has what we don’t have, we criticise and say they stole money. When they buy what we have, we say theirs is not that good. When they are gifted, we say they have been brainwashed. The heart of man is naturally jealous.

  7. I will use my money and help those around me who are in need. Not to give to some guys to put in their swollen umerous bank accounts and leave luxuriously while the common man goes without food. No one is expert in giving. Why give to someone for him to give out? Why don't you give out yourselves? Did Christ command Charity to MOGs or for Everyone to do so himself?

  8. The Nigerian Christianity which is spreading all across is fast impoverishing the people. There is no difference between Business and anything in Nigeria and these people have mixed up Christianity and Business together. Christ said "on the last day some will say master I did Prophecied and did miracles for you" and Christ will answer "I knew you not"

  9. Suleman have several businesses and bought a private jet with tithe and offerings, seed and first fruits and money collected from the poor members in his church but their names are not on the documents. He is getting richer by taking advantage of the poor members in his church.

  10. Pastor
    These are the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria. Of what benefit is a private to the crowd of poor people in his church.
    These pastors can turn the economy of Nigeria around and stop corruption in the society but they willingly refused because they love their extravagant lifestyles

  11. It is time for Nigeruan worshipers to know if they are worshiping God or caring for a man.. is this what God ask pastors in Nigeria to be doing? Read the bible people of God.

  12. Pls how much offering do u give in church? How much patrol do the church use on every service? how many members of the church depend on the church for feeding and upkeeps? maintenance of the church etc. I will advice people keep off the church issues and focus on their own personal issues. Christianity is a personal race, Think about your life first.

  13. Suleiman Suleiman how many times did I call you you prophesy that Nnamdi kaun will be disgraced locally an international what is happening now Suleiman be careful stop defrauding people

  14. It's the way they would LOOK so sincere, innocent and truth to deceive people with their half truths that annoys me, quoting scriptures. 😡

  15. Dave good talk I made it, watching to the end. Am trying to know the use of the private jet The pastors are owing ,all the people that did God work according to the Bible Jesus, Pau,l etc.i nerve come across where is written any of them own any kind of thing that transport them from place to place .this pastors , prophets apostles etc.use a false believes to currupt Christianity a religion that is based on men's ideas , Matthew (15:7-9).is really a shame that they publicly declare that they know God, but they disown him by their works .Titus 1:16.

  16. these guys are so brain dead all they can think of is how to collect free money
    how does that make him/them any different from a yahoo boy?

    they are even worse than yahoo boys bcos yahoo boys only target ppl with money
    these snakes target everybody, even the poor. 😏
    and then who scriptural is he after collecting poor ppls money, he sits back chopping their money and watching them suffering?

    to show you how stupid these blood sucking pastors are, cant they just reason that ppl will even revere their churches even more if instead of buying themselves a private jet like God has blessed them, they build a factory at least and employ ppl and having the more powerful msg of God has blessed the ppl?

    evil vampires 😏

  17. But the Stupid Summer Aku a prostitute in Ireland said you Apostle Suleiman borrowed the private jet,that it isn't yours she is one of your worst hater,but just ignore her,she lacks the spirit of God that was why she couldn't stay with a man in a marriage even a pastor too that's to show you that she is so so far away from God

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